The Underpinings of America’s Greatness and Strength are the fundamental freedoms Our founding fathers outlined in declaration of Independence such as “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. From the birth of our nation, we as citizen have also recognized the importance of a strong, free economy in preserving the vitality and health of our democracy.

An Important part of that economy, and an icon of our democracy is wall street, which has long been admired and envied throughout the world. Now, due to recent events, we must heed the clarion call for change. At the same time, we must renew our dedication to the core principles upon which our nation was conceived, and upon which the well being of future generations depends.

John Thomas Financial (Finra and Nasdaq member; Sec Registered Broker-Dealer) Proudly intends to be at the forefront of our great nation’s economic revitalization, marching side by with political, economic and social leaders to achieve the common goals that unite us all. Restorewallstreet.Com is a non partisan organization dedicated to restoring public confidence in wall street.